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Sukha Shanthi Nilayam is a registered non-profit organization (in the name of 'Mothers Trust') that seeks to provide basic comforts and amenities to elders who wish to avail of our services.

Sukha Shanthi Nilayam means an "abode of peace' which is exactly what our senior citizens home is all about. We believe that nurturing and caring for elders is as important as nurturing and caring for kids because today many of us lead happy and successful lives because of the many sacrifices our elders have made for us.

Having said that, Sukha Shanthi Nilayam was started with 2 residents in 2006 and is now 20 members strong (Read the history of our home in the "Founders" page). We have also recently started another home, close to the first one. There are about 10 residents as of January 2011in this new home. All of them are from different upbringing and backgrounds. Some of them came to the home because their kids are abroad and old age doesn't really give them a choice to live alone, some of them because they don't have anyone to care for and the others because they wanted to be independent and spend the remaining of their lives with likeminded people.

Whatever be the reason, we care for them like we like to be cared for by others.
—-Bhavani & Murali

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