About the Founders

FoundersThis home was founded in 2006 by Mr. T. Muralidhar and Mrs. Bhavani Sankari.

A very interesting story (miracle as they like to call it) led to the inception of this home.

One day while I was coming back from a grocery store an elderly person around the age of 65 was lying on the side of the road. He began calling me with folded hands. I was initially taken aback and scared but went near him. His eyes started watering after seeing me. Sitting next to him I asked him whether he wanted any money to go home. But he showed me the money in his pocket and just nodded saying no. He was running a very high temperature. Immediately I got him a fever medicine and asked him what had happened. With teary eyes, he told me that his daughter-in-law had pushed him out of the house. At that time, I couldn't control my tears… I immediately called an auto-rickshaw and gave him some more money and sent him home to his son. Before leaving, he wrote something on my palm which I couldn't understand. But from that day forward I had a strong urge to start a senior citizens home. My only thought was that I should care for elders like him for as long as I could because I saw myself and many others like me in him….

—– Bhavani

Her experience and the good intentions struck a chord with her husband and they both started Sukha Shanthi Nilayam by renting an old house in the city.

Muralidhar was working as a Principal at ICFAI National College and Bhavani has a Masters in Literature and worked as a school teacher for 16 years before quitting due to health reasons.