Our Appeal

Admin Office :
Flat No.31,III floor, Madhuram Apts, 28/A, Thanikachalam Road, T.Nagar, Chennai, INDIA 600 017

Ph: 044 – 24355600 / Cell : 9677298224. Email: motherstrust.2006@gmail.com

Dear friends, greetings from the Sukha Shanthi Nilayam Senior-Citizens Home! We are very thankful and grateful for all the great support and encouragement you have been rendering till now to keep the senior citizens of our society as comfortable as possible in their twilight years.

We are a registered non-profit organization (in the name of 'Mothers Trust') that seeks to provide basic comforts and amenities to elders who wish to avail of our services. We started with two residents in 2006 and are now 20 members strong. We offer our residents quite a few facilities. Once in 15 days, a qualified doctor tests the Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar levels of all residentss. We have a nurse on call who is available 24X7 to offer first aid, treat common ailments and also medical emergencies if any.

At Sukha Shanthi Nilayam the day begins at 6:00 am with steaming hot coffee. Breakfast at 8:00, South Indian lunch at 10:30, coffee/tea and biscuits at 2:30 and dinner is served between 5:00-6:00. At 8:00pm the residentss wind down with a hot cup of milk.

Several seva samithis across Chennai come every Sunday to sing devotional bhajans to our elderly. All the rooms have attached bathrooms and a steady supply of hot water. Thanks to a dedicated staff, we have been able to meet all the needs of our residentss so far.

However as we are housed in an old building and are unable to make alterations to accommodate more number of people and inturn have turned down several requests. And this makes us feel that the time has come to expand our services. It is with this regard that this letter comes your way.

We recently purchased a small piece of land near Mahabalipuram in Chennai. The new construction will have a verdant garden, meditation cum yoga hall and a small, self-sufficient 24-hour clinic/nursing centre with a possible tie up with a local hospital.

There will be two styles of accommodation- dormitory and individual rooms with a host of safety and convenience features such as anti-skid floors, grab bars in bathrooms and panic alarm buttons, wider passages and doorways to enable free movement for wheelchairs.

The approximate cost for the land is Rs. 8 lakhs($18,000) and it is expected to cost above 50 lakhs ($75,000-100,000) for the entire project. We are working towards getting the 80G (tax) exemption for all donations made in INR. The accounting procedures will be completely transparent and you will be able to monitor what your contribution is being utilized for.

A current account has been opened on the Trusts name for this purpose. Please donate generously and help us put the smiles back on those weathered faces. Thank you for your interest.

With sincere regards
T. Muralidhar and Bhavani Shankari
(Managing Trustees)

For inquires in the US, please contact:
Sangeetha Tadimalla or Suchitra Tadimalla
stadimalla@gmail.com or succhitra@gmail.com
PH: 216-502-0338 or 757-285-6659